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We are currently working on our brand new website. Soon you can find dedicated pages showcasing our range of print systems, along with detailed information about materials, our services, and more.

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Spotlight: Titia Ex - World War II Monument

With Colossus's cutting-edge technology and expert team, we transformed a visionary project into reality for the city of Eindhoven: an extraordinary 6-meter-high 3D printed light monument envisioned by artist Titia Ex. Aptly named 'Loom Light,' this captivating artwork serves as a profound tribute to Jan Zwartendijk and the countless unsung heroes of resistance during World War II. The intricate structure, consisting of one-of-a-kind pieces, flawlessly integrates lighting functionalities, all while ensuring convenient access for maintenance purposes. We take immense pride in having brought forth this symbol of freedom and resilience.

- 250 hours to design the work
- 390 hours of 3D printing on Colossus machines
- Largest part was 2.6m x 1.5m
- 450kg of recycled material
- 20,439 LED lights
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I had the pleasure of working with Colossus on a factory improvement project. I can only speak highly of this well-rounded team.  The team is highly knowledgeable, they think along and are open-minded to experts of other fields. Together we have been able to make an awesome functional end-product with 3D printing.
Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning Application Development Specialist

Covestro Additive Manufacturing
(previously DSM Additive Manufacturing)
Amazing things happen by collaboration. Partnering with The Rubbish Project is an innovative journey how to redefine end of life with production in mind and stop treating things as waste but treat them as valuable raw material/building blocks for something new. Or as they say it, if we don’t end waste now we will have a rubbish future
Jordie Brouwer, Business Development Manager


how you can you work with us?

If you're unsure which machine is best suited for your application or would like to order a test print, our team is ready to assist you. We are committed to understanding your specific requirements and providing you with detailed information tailored to your product. In addition to helping you with machine preferences, we offer material expertise and consulting for all your print and production questions.

Whether Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production or the Full Process from start to finish we can be your partners.

our expertise ensures your project's success

To evaluate both the technical and commercial viability of an application utilizing large-scale 3D printing, it is beneficial to initiate a application validation.
Price: Starting at 500 EUR

Choose from:
- Project research and application validation
- Design Optimization
- Production Technique Optimization
- Slicing study
- Material support


Material and production experts

With a range of recycled or virgin materials, our team will help you source the correct material for your application.
Price is design and application dependent.

Choose from:
- Prototyping
- Series optimization and Production
- Large scale to unique sizes
- Material sourcing


in-house & outsourced options for high quality prints

Whether we print it or you do we, our team helps ensure the highest quality of the final print.

Choose from:
- Various material adaptations both in compounding and post-production
- Various coatings and post-processing steps
- Leather finish
- Eco concrete finish
- UV or fire retardant options

Full Process

Let us take you from a to z
with a custom

If you don't know exactly what you need, we can be your expert partner throughout the entire process to bring your vision to life.

Choose from:
- Any or All Pre-Production Options
- Any or All Production Options
- Any or All Post-Production Options

Let us make this your most incredible project yet.

Who is colossus?

Colossus Printers is an innovative industrial 3D printing company established in 2017 by The One Project. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of additive manufacturing through our Large-Scale, application-driven 3D printing systems. Sustainability lies at the core of our values, and  focus on utilizing and developing recycled materials.

At Colossus, our team of experts is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology. We don't just operate on knowledge; we actively engage with the technology on a daily basis, continuously gaining valuable insights and expertise. This hands-on approach ensures that we can deliver exceptional results to our clients, always considering the return on investment and providing the best quality based on their unique applications.  

It is through this dedication that we maintain our position at the forefront of the industry. By choosing Colossus Printers as a partner, you are not only gaining access to cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities. We are committed to helping you bring your vision to life and your production process to the next level.

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Work we are proud of

We are currently working on our brand new website. Soon you can find dedicated pages showcasing these projects and many more.

Sculpture Nike HQ
- Ruben Sanchez

By developing a compound using old collected Nike shoes, we were able to bring an awe-inspiring sculpture  by  artist Ruben Sanchez to life.  It is projects like these and the opportunity to make a genuine impact that truly inspire our team.
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Printing recycled

A fascinating aspect of 3D printing is the ability to add value to actual waste streams. Coffee cup waste, with its challenging laminate of paper and plastic lining, is an intriguing material for beautiful 3D prints.
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covestro technical production tooling

Using 3D printing, we improved the ergonomics of the cannister for the operators and reduced the weight by 40%
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